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smart blind hubs and devices

App Control for your blinds with a blinds hub

Control your blinds with App control for Android and iOS

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Somfy TaHoma

Somfy TaHoma & Connexoon

Somfys TaHoma gives you app control and even voice control with Alexa
Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo and Echo Plus

Alexa can control some blinds on her own, but if not a Somfy hub will help.

QMotion Qsync and Qube

QMotion QSync & Qube allows app control of your qmotion blinds

What devices can I use?

Most smart devices can now be used to control your blinds

Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus

Amazon offer quite a few options to allow for voice control. Many of us already own some form of Amazon Echo. If you have the new Amazon Echo Plus you have most bases covered and can order pretty much any blind. If you have the older Echo or Echo dot you will need a hub to control your blinds.

Voice control of Somfy powered blinds

To control blinds and awnings powered by Somfy motors you will need a Somfy TaHoma hub. The TaHoma hub plugs into your existing internet router and allows voicce command given to Alexa to control any Somfy RTS or io powered blind or awning. To close you bedroom blinds for example you simply say, "Alexa, turn on bedtime". The TaHoma hub then runs a routine that youve already set up that will close any blinds, and if also connected to TaHoma it can dim or turn off lights, control thermostats, turn off anything that can plug into a Somfy RTS plug.

Voice control of QMotion Zigbee blinds

Amazons Echo Plus has an integrated Zigbee hub. This means that if you have qmotion blinds with a zigbee motors Alexa can talk directly with the blind with no additional hub required. So thats your new qmotion battery powered blinds being controlled by a device that you may already own. So no additional house wiring or electrician required and no additional hub required. Simply have your new qmotion blinds fitted and ask Alexa on your Amazon Echo Plus to close you blinds, could it be more simple?

Somfy powered options

  • many roller blind options from battery to mains power
  • duette and pleated blinds
  • venetian blinds
  • vertical blinds
  • roman blinds
  • SHY ZIP blackout blinds

QMotion blind option

  • Zigbee roller blinds are controlled directly with Echo Plus
  • Standard battery powered roller blinds controlled via Qmotion Qube
  • Vision blinds
  • Roman blinds - (coming soon)

Blind Specifications

  • Maximum Widths up to 3.0m on standard systems
  • Maximum Drop up to 2.6m on standard systems
Non Standard Systems
  • Maximum Widths up to 9.0m
  • Maximum Drop up to 6.0m

App control with Somfy TaHoma and Connexoon or QSync from QMotion

These days we like to control everything via our mobile devices and blinds are no exception. App control of blinds is possible with most motorised blinds even if you've got the blinds already.

Somfy TaHoma

With the new TaHoma® application, Somfy places real, condensed, technological control into your hands. Tahoma® simplifes the control of multiple home devices. It’s so intuitive to use, why wait? Accessible over the internet, via a computer, smartphone or tablet, with the TaHoma® interface, you have touch control of blinds, curtains, lights, electrical equipment, heating, garage doors and gates, etc. In short, your environment moves with you, so regardless of where you are, in the house, on vacation or at work... you are always at home.

Somfy Connexoon RTS

With Connexoon you control your sunscreens, garagedoors and gates using a very userfriendly app on your smartphone. With the intuitive "Check Home" function you are able to check and control connected devices whereever you are. The timerfunction allows automatic opening and shutting the rollershutters which is comfortable and also allows presence simulation. Connexoon enhances your home comfort and security.

QMotion QSync

Our smartphones and tablets are increasingly important in our daily lives. QMotion shades are as convenient to control as your phones. With the addition of Qsync technology, QMotion shades move up and down easier than sending a text message. Qsync works with the QMotion app available in your app store today. It transforms a smartphone or tablet into the most elegant and functional transmitter for QMotion products.

Somfy TaHoma Features

  • App control of any Somfy RTS blind or motor
  • Can be connected to Alexa for voice control
  • Also controls Philips Hue lighting and many other products
  • Wide range of compatible blinds available

Somfy Connexoon RTS Features

  • App control of an somfy RTS blind or motor
  • Blinds available with Battery, 24vdc or 240v mains motors
  • Wide range of compatible blinds available

QMotion Qsync Features

  • App control of QMotion battery powered blinds
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Accurate positioning of blinds using the app
android and iOS devices

What devices can control my blinds?

There are many options available to control your blinds other than the typical handsets available with most motorised blinds. It is now possible to turn just about any smart device into a handset.

Mobile Phones

Somfy and QMotion offer apps that can control your blinds from your mobile phone, all you need is an appropriate hub. Somfy offer TaHoma and Connexoon and QMotion have QSync. You can set up timers and scenes so that multiple operations can take place from one command. Somfy and QMotions apps are compatible with Android and iOS devices.


Apps are available for Android and iOS devices for tablets in the same way as for mobile phones.

Smart Speakers

Amazons Echo and Echo plus can be used for voice activation of your blinds via Alexa. Echo plus allows for direct control of QMotions Zigbee blinds. Or with the addition of Somfy TaHoma Alexa can talk to any Somfy powered blind or awning.


Using the online TaHoma web service its also possible to control your Somfy powered blinds.

Somfy Features

  • wide range of handsets and wall switches
  • timer handsets
  • multi channel handsets
  • fine control from scroll wheel for venetian blinds
  • MY position

QMotion/Creation Baumann Features

  • Wall mounted handset
  • muti channel available
  • various programmable custom positions